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#1 detection rate and response time ( providing absolute protection against virus, trojans, worms, and spyware.
Low system overhead so your machine will not slow down to a crawl.
Optional application firewall, anti-spam protection, and parental controls.
Kaspersky Anti Virus offers the best anti virus protection available today. Kaspersky the only virus protection software to offer hourly updates, as many as 600 updates per month. You will be protected before a virus has a chance to infect your computer.

Other virus protection products update once a day or even once a week, with 200 viruses being developed every day, you are left unprotected and vulnerable.
Times have changed, no longer are hackers trying to flash their hacker logos and show off their skills by infecting machines. Malicious virus writers now want to make money by exploiting personal computers running inferior or no virus protection. The majority of the time computers are infected with viruses, they do not show any signs. Malware (viruses, trojans, and worms) have gone from "malicious" software to what we like to call "Crimeware". Stealing passwords, credit cards, and identity information is much more profitable and interesting to today's hackers, and much more damaging. The days of frozen computer screens saying "I roxxor joo! Haxxor!" were delightful compared to the lives effected and damage caused by todays "silent" threats.

Kaspersky Internet Security has been ranked #1 for detection rate by numerous third party testing labs. Providing the highest detection rates and the fastest response time to new threats, when you use Kaspersky Internet Security, YOU ARE PROTECTED.
Just visiting websites has the potential of infecting your machine. There have been numerous recent outbreaks on major sites such as MySpace. Recently MySpace was found to be distributing trojans through their image ads without them even knowing this. Millions of visitors an hour were potentially infected with this virus.

Kaspersky Anti Virus is one of the few AntiVirus Solutions able to detect and PREVENT these threats.